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Paper Cutting Demonstration with Artist Xin Song @ Pearl River Market | 395 Broadway

How much do you know about the ancient Chinese tradition of paper-cut art and how it has evolved throughout the years? Tribeca Art+Culture Night will explore the contemporary expression of art of paper-cutting by spotlighting Xin Song a contemporary artist who are pushing the medium to new heights. In collaboration with Pearl River Mart, TAC Night Night will spotlight the work of Xin Song a contemporary artist from China working with paper-cutting.

Xin Song (b. 1970, Beijing) is a Chinese artist who studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Her recent works involve her cutting patterns from magazine pages. By fragmenting images and texts, Xin Song splices up the images of hyper-consumerism and voyeurism like slivers in a kaleidoscope, in the service of large questions about social & political values. She has created paper-cut installations for US public transport stations installed in New York's Grand Central Terminal and the Bay Parkway Landmark Station.