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CLASSICAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE BY JUNG SUN KANG x Sing for Hope Piano @ Duane Park, 157 Duane St.

Jung Sun Kang will perform on a Sing for Hope Piano, a work ornamented by Rachel Sousa entitled Duet.

This performance is presented in partnership with Friends of Duane Park the Church St. School for Music and Art and is part of the programming that takes place during our summer edition of TAC Night on June 21st. Full details here

Jung Sun Kang is a composer, harpsichordist, and pianist. An avid performer of early and new music, Jung Sun has given concerts in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Her music has been commissioned by Fromm New Music Players, Brave New Works, Shakespeare and Company, and Trio Aporia, among others. She has received awards from the British Harpsichord Society and Warren Benson Forum on Creativity, as well as a Leonard Bernstein Fellowship from Tanglewood Music Center.

The performance will feature artist Rachel Sousa's piano for Sing for Hope. Sousa's portfolio consists of paintings, textiles, printmaking, and mixed media. She is "interested in the reality of abstraction, allusive byplay, and associative concepts that are simultaneously confrontational and sinuous." Every one of her works embodies a story and expresses a codified emotional experience.