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OPEN STUDIOS @ White Street Studios, 50 White St.

For one night only, the artists at White Street Studios will share with the public their creative processes and new works. Participating artists include: Regina Silvers, Edward Love, Erin Ko, Michael P. Jenkins, Andrew Tomasulo, Janine Shelffo and Beatrice Glow. RSVP here

The White Street Studio has been providing working space for artists since 1990, when Regina Silvers and two colleagues rented this basement space at 50 White St and soon realized they needed more studio mates to share the costs. Managed by Regina Silvers, the space continues to function, and is currently shared by 8 diverse artists. “It’s been a great space: a basement with windows! – and a communal area, as well as fairly private working studios for each artist. It’s good to have privacy and then someone else around when you want a little interchange. And we all respect each other’s need to have a calm place to work. A lot has changed in TriBeCa in the past 27 years, and I’m so glad this hasn’t“ says Silvers. “We were the central meeting place for starting and running ToAST, the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour, for its first 10 years, and are now happy to participate in TAC Night.” 

Regina Silvers
has been involved with fine art for her whole adult life, as a teacher, curator, art consultant, museum public relations manager; founder and President of TOAST, the TriBeCa Open Artist Studio Tour; founder and Director of the Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson, and always, practicing artist.Silvers draws and paints. The focus of her work changes with her life. Nature-based paintings grew out of years of walking on trails and sitting in streams. City views derived from looking from her balcony. Political/activist paintings are a visual diary of her participation in democracy. The Jazz series results from listening and drawing at Jam Sessions. Her experience is the common thread.| Instagram @regisilvers2 

Beatrice Glow Interdisciplinary artist and multi-sensory storyteller, Beatrice Glow leverages sculptural installations, experiential technology collaborations, olfactory art and participatory performances to shift dominant narratives. She is currently a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow, Smack Mellon Studio Program Artist and American Arts Incubator lead artist amplifying Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian voices. Her 2016-17 Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU residency led to public art and virtual and augmented reality works in allyship with Indigenous environmental stewardship. She has been named a Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Finalist and Wave Hill Van Lier Fellow. She organized the "Floating Library”—a public space aboard the Hudson River’s Lilac Museum Steamship that attracted 4,000+ visitors. As a Fulbright Scholar, she retraced Peru’s Asian labor and migratory landmarks. | Instagram @beatriceglow 

Erin Ko is a visual artist from the United States. She combines traditional art making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. She is classically trained and has worked in video games and new media. She is the co-founder of Hutong Games. Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated RealityCollective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. Voyeurs are invited to engage via their smart phones or more traditionally (with their eyes); their experience altered by the amount of technology they’ve invited into their lives. Instagram @erinkostudios
*Ko's Tsunami is the work used for this event visual. 

Edward Love an abstract painter, working with different tools to explore texture and color. His work is primarily acrylic on canvas.

Michael P. Jenkins Expressionist figurative painter and psyche analyst, inspired by gesture, movement, dance, imagination, color, humanity. Work on wood, paper, canvas with oils, ink, watercolors.

Andrew Tomasulo Installation artist and experimental technologist working in themes around religion and beliefs.

Janine Shelffo captures and paints colorful still life images that celebrate the hidden beauty of small details, complex reflections and interesting intersections. Instagram @ j9k9_j9k9