6PM GUIDED TOUR | Across the spectrum of the Arts

Meet at: 81 Barclay St. (Shirley Fiterman Art Center)

Itinerary: Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Hercules Art Studio, Hal Bromm Gallery

Curator: Audra Lambert


6:30 PM GUIDED TOUR | Art & Design Formal Emphasis

Starts at: 54 Franklin St. (Postmasters Gallery)

Itinerary: Postmasters, R&Company, Twenty First Gallery, Barney Savage

Curator: Abbie Hebbein


7:00 PM GUIDED TOUR | Image Making & Interpretation ****SOLD OUT****

Curator: Audra Lambert 


 7:00 PM GUIDED TOUR | Historical Precedents ****SOLD OUT****

Curator: Juliana Steiner